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Weird dreams. Continuing. More of a continuing problem that I can't solve, this is a theme that makes it difficult to sleep restfully.
It has to do with trying to figure out a way to model reality with the constructs of C++ code. Nothing that I can clearly put my finger on-- it's pretty much pure anxiety-- but whether it's anxiety about work, or coming home, or what I just can't tell.

Slept in today. Woke up this morning to find the bed frame was screwed up, and likely had been since the flood or before. The middle rail was protruding from the side. So I tore the bed down and put the rail back where it was supposed to be, put the bed back together, cooled off for a bit then went back to bed for a nap.

Woke up at 3:00.

I suppose I needed the rest, if you can call what I got "rest". I still feel burned at both ends. And bloody hungry. This seems like a good day to watch movies and play on the computer: overcast, rainy, quiet.

I watched a low-budget horror-ish movie yesterday that was kinda fun... Bite Me from Shock-O-Rama. A B movie in its entirety, with more special effects than you would figure for a mini-budget flick. All done with models.

Today will probably be Dr. Strangelove and something else yet to be determined. Or writing. Or playing. It's a structure-free day today, and I'm trying to not feel guilty about not doing something that I feel like I am duty-bound to do.

I did finish the screen yesterday, adding grommets to the side so that it can be tied in place. It's 60 square feet, which is a lot bigger than you'd think inside of an apartment, but it really looks nice... if you want an idea of what this is, look at the Scrim Jim, or the Butterfly from Matthews Studio Equipment:

The one pictured is a 12 x 12 foot. The largest I've seen is a 20 x 20 foot. The one I made is 6 x 10, which was limited by the size of what I could get at Home Depot.

(I probably shouldn't browse the Matthews Studio Equipment website too much. It's like a toy store for me, a really expensive toy store.)

Ah, well. Off to immerse myself in bad-movie goodness.


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Feb. 14th, 2005 02:07 pm (UTC)
So... You put light behind and/or in front of it to diffuse the light before it gets to the subjects?
Feb. 14th, 2005 03:02 pm (UTC)
It depends on the material. With the black screen, it both softens the light and drops it down without a lot of diffusion. A white screen would be a big diffuser and a dandy softbox. It's like each hole in the screen acts like a little pinhole lens and makes the suns rays slightly divergent.
The black screen you can also use behind subjects outdoors to cut down the background-- as long as the depth of focus doesn't bring it into relief, it's not noticeable, but it softens and darkens the BG.
This one is just the first-- I'm planning on making several more, mostly diffusers since I found a good source for material. And I'll probably do some reflectors as well, though if I had the money, I'd probably buy some Scrim Jim kits.
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