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Peak smackdown today. Analysis says that I need to have gainful employment (or the equivalent income) by May 15th.

Absolute bare minimum is $1500/month. That is extremely uncomfortable, but it allows us to keep the house. That doesn't allow for paying back of existing debt, medical expenses, car & house repair, that kind of thing.

Beyond the 15th, and we have to consider selling the house.

I have not even had an interview for months now. I am beyond frustrated, and dipping into despondent.

I'm currently online with job search websites daily. I'm calling old contacts. I have my resume on-line.

If you know of any jobs that fit, please let me know.


Apr. 10th, 2003 08:43 am (UTC)
I love you, Rob.
But I'm worried about you - largely because what I see in the IS/computer-guru fields is a complete crash that doesn't show any signs of recovering. For years. Maybe never.
And the trend is for companies to hire fresh faces - with little experience - for little cash.

Monte is facing similar difficulties looking for graphic design work (it's a small field anyway, and Minneapolis is glutted). We've been working on sending out resumes for months now and he's gotten not ONE interview. (In the graphic design field, they are asking for the moon as far as skills, and offering crumbs for pay. Because that's what they can do in this market.)

So, Monte and I have started talking about alternatives. What other jobs would provide a lead-in to graphic design? Would put something useful on his resume? Would be a job that he didn't mind doing while he freelances and tries to build up some other business possibilities?

I know you've got the commercial thing, and I think that's great. Are there any mundane-type jobs that you wouldn't MIND doing while pursuing the commercials and film work you've been doing?

Ah, if only I could win the lottery. And then all my friends (and me) would be happy!
Apr. 11th, 2003 02:55 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I've been looking for different alternatives. (redundant?)
Issues are that for most stuff that pays enough to make my monthly nut, they want *experience* in that field, or they see my qualifications and realize that I'm not going to stay if a better job comes along.

I'm trying to stay away from the fast-food kinda stuff, as I have no real desire to be demeaned for 80 hours a week just to keep from drowning.

Temp-y stuff may work, but I'm not a typist or nothing.

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