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Tonight was a plan to shoot some footage for the opening sequence of Pray for Daylight. Packed up the truck full of equipment and headed up to Maple Grove.
Unfortunately, I forgot some things like batteries for the camera, which was destined to hamper things somewhat. I did bring the power supply, and we were near the house, so with extension cords, not all was lost.
Initial shots were really pretty. All of the photography and lighting experience lends itself very well to filmic shooting, and we have some really pretty pictures.

One of the features of the night was some swordfighting. We have a fight choreographer and experienced performers (shaolin kung fu), so you'd think things would be reasonably safe.


When swinging steel swords around in a fight, something is bound to happen. And Kristi ended up with a visit to the emergency room and five stitches in her finger.

During the E.R. visit (which took both Tony and Kristi away), Rick, Teresa, and I decided to shoot some additional planned footage, which was yet another swordfight. Carefully.

Super-choreographed, and repeated over and over with many different camera angles. Handheld.

The footage rocks. There is around 18 minutes of footage of a fight that lasts about 30 seconds or less, and it's gonna look incredible all cut together.

I have to say that the ideas for the shots came from watching making-of videos on DVDs.

I am once again jazzed that I may actually know what the hell I'm doing. :)

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