Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Frank's Red Hot Original Cayenne Pepper Sauce

Finished the innards of the 2-light fixture last night and burned it in
for a couple of hours. I did take the extra time to mount the bulbs back
toward the focal point, but now that I've actually done it, I think it
probably wasn't worth the effort and the next fixture will just have
them mounted flush. The lights are broads anyway, big flat light for
softly filling large areas.

Next fixture is a four-bulb. Same basic design, just extended. And the
things that I learned from this one go well into the next one.

Still, I'm pretty happy. This one is pretty obviously a prototype,
complete with a few miscuts and extra holes where I made mistakes, but
it's solid. And after 2 hours of burn-in, everything was only slightly
warm to the touch. I have no doubt that these will serve me well.

I still need to figure out a mounting for them. I've pretty much settled
on a yoke rather than trying to do some sort of universal ball mount;
the yoke is easier and more sturdy, though it's not as cool looking.

I can't really call it a completed project, as I still have the outer
frame and casing to put together, but as far as functionality goes, it's
pretty damn good.

I still have the majority of the dolly to put together. And actually a
lot of design work still ahead for it-- I still don't know how I want to
do the crane mechanism for sure. I'm beginning to think that a manual
geared crank might be the best option to keep it quiet but still allow a
lot of control. Not sure where to put the crank though. Ideally, the
crank would remain fixed with respect to the dolly and it would just
lift and lower the camera in the same plane. That's not so easy to do.

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