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Went grocery shopping tonight. Along with the food, I also got a magazine of PC Modding and the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. And I got them both for the same reason-- to get in depth uncoverage of what I can only dream of having.

Something of a consistent theme between the two as well. The PC Modder magazine is almost exclusively about water cooling, which is quite similar to the SI swimsuit models. And you generally paint poth of them.

You know, I suppose I could actually do some modifications to a computer to do water cooling. It's something purely mechanical, and I can do mechanical really well. And hell, I can photograph swimsuit models really well too. And honestly I'd really like to do the body painting thing (and no, not for the reasons that you're thinking-- I actually think it looks really cool).

Everything is leading toward my finishing down here. Focusing on sorting and packing and dividing things into categories based on how necessary it is for my daily existence. Gotta say that the TV and DVD player is making a good bid. And the bed. Which is calling my name.

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