Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

It's saturday morning, and I'm at work.

Heavy workout last night. I maxed out the back curl machine at 225, with
100 reps (4 sets of 25). And the thigh machine, after 4 sets of 25 at
100 lbs, I backed down to 70 and started running sets of 50. I managed
another 400 reps. My ass is noticeably smaller and more muscular. It's
still not the sculpted piece of artwork that I'd like, but it's better
that it's been for a long time, and that's a pretty major
accomplishment. And my back being stronger seems to help with my lower
back pain even more than the abs. I'm still only at 165 on the ab
machine, but I'm starting somewhat reclined rather than sitting up. If I
started in a sitting position, I could probably do 195 lb sets, but I'm
more interested in getting a wider range of muscles working. It's the
weak ones that I need to work on the most.
Overall, I'm starting to look almost mormal-ish, like that guy that goes
to Packer games and drinks a lot of beer. Not pretty yet, but no longer
looking like I should be making an appearance on the Jerry Springer
I'm also able to do shoulder presses in sets of 25 now at 45 lbs. That
may not seem like much, but it's a major improvement over when I started
when I couldn't even do 5 at 30 lbs. That machine goes up in 15 lb.
Increments though, and I can't handle the 60 lb. Setting even for one
set of 25. And it heads way up there, again to like 225 lbs.
Something I've found strange is that I can do more tricep curls than
bicep curls. I'm doing tricep curls at 70 lb sets of 25, but I've had to
work my biceps up from 40 to 60 lbs, and I'm only doing sets of 20.
Kind of funny-- I wear a lot of polo shirts at work, and I'm at the
point where my upper arms are snug in the sleeves. That may not mean
much to you, but it's a milestone for me.

I found 1" aluminum tube at Menards in 8-foot lengths. Absolutely
perfect for making more butterfly frames. The only problem that I had
was figuring out how to do corners, since none of the normal fittings
from either plumbing or electrical work, and they just don't carry
90-degree aluminum connectors.
After playing a bit last night, I discovered that 1/2 inch galvanized
plumbing fits inside the aluminum tube, and with a bit of plastic wrap,
it fits snugly enough to work as a corner. So I need to stop and get
some 1/2" galvanized plumbing fixtures (elbows and nipples) to fit the
next frame together for a 5 x 7 foot reflector. And I have material to
make a 6 x 8 foot silk diffuser and a couple of smaller ones (like 4 x


Beyond that, work is a pain in the ass.

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