Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam


Well, even after packing up all of my work stuff yesterday preparing for
the office move, I managed to hit Target for some final-cleaning and
packing supplies, dye my hair a darker brown, work more on butetrfly
frame mark II, and watch Wrong Turn and Sky Captain and the
World of Tomorrow
. And I even worked a nap into the mix.

Wrong Turn (starring Eliza Dushku) was pretty much made
because Stan Winston wanted to make a movie that focused on his
company's effects work. I'm not sure how I feel about Stan Winston-- his
company has done some of the most amazing practical effects ever in
movies, but in every interview I've ever seen with him, he comes across
as an egotistical prick.
It's not the best movie in the world. It's an homage to the 70's horror
movies, much like House of 1000 Corpses, but more mainstream, and
it does exactly what it set out to do.
The effects are cool. The makeup effects are creepy and disgusting,
which I love. I was however distracted by the star power of Eliza Dushku
and Jeremy Sisto. Nothing against either of them, I just think the movie
would have been better off with lesser well-known actors in these roles.
As it was, I spent part of the movie watching Eliza Dushku's ass, and
she really didn't help my suspension of disbelief. Not because of her
ass mind you, that was just a perk.
The extras are pretty lame. There is only one that I think is worth
watching on the effects makeup, and there is a bit of dailies on one
scene that give a little clue to how the movie was put together which
was kind of fun to watch. The rest are masturbatory fluff pieces.
I haven't listened to the commentary yet.

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow was a hoot. This
film is complete eye candy, which is really all it set out to be. The
story is barely there, but it's enough of a skeleton to support the
lavish visuals, which are a pure joy to watch. The actors in the movie
are really secondary to the visuals (which is probably good because the
female lead is Gwyneth Paltrow who has nice legs and might be able to
act her way out of a wet paper bag if it was a Tuesday). And Angelina
Jolie-- making her look ugly seems such a waste.
And a minor annoyance: casing an american actor to play a british role,
and a british actor to play an american. If I cared about the actors at
all, I probably would have been more annoyed, but as it is I just didn't
And I laughed at the final shot. I found it terribly amusing.
I actually watched the extras on this release before I saw the movie.
There is a lot of fun behind the making of, considering just how much of
this movie was CG.
I haven't listened to the commentary yet either.

Feeling a bit gruff today. Got the first draft script for a short film
on Sunday and looked it over. Originally it was supposed to be a
submission for Fangoria's Blood Drive II, but a couple of things
are making me hesitate about that:
1.) The script calls for some pretty advanced practical effects, which
are very cool but insane to do in a really short time (submission
deadline is April 15th), and
2.) By submitting a work to Fangoria, you transfer all rights
including the copyright and legal ownership of the piece to them.

I understand why they do it that way, but the main reason for doing this
piece is as a production demo. It needs to get sent around to a lot of
places. We need to have control over that, and we're not going to do
that by giving the rights to someone else.

The happiness is that the rest of the guys (well, the main two) are in
agreement that this needs to be something of quality rather than
something that just gets rushed to make a deadline.

BTW, the script is pretty good. It's a first draft so it's pretty rough,
but it has enough in it that I can see how it should look.

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