Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Good Heavens Miss Yakamoto, you're beautiful!

year ago
today was my first day here at Des Moines. It turned into
something of a surprise, and began the descent into perdition that has
left me now a year older, more cynical, and burned out.

Two more months of this. Only two more months. My rent is paid up
through the end, and I won't have to clean when I leave. That is a
tremendous weight lifted, since I have to work right up until the end.
And the way they've been demanding weekends, they'll probably have me
working right up until May 1st.

Or maybe not. It strikes me that since April 30th is a Saturday, unless
I really really need the hours, I don't have to show up.

I'll probably stay down here at the hotel and have one last DesMoines-y
bash that Saturday night, then drive home on May 1st.

This will probably be the slowest two months on record, like the last
two months of a jail sentence.

Watched a bad movie last night. I think it was Vamps 2, though
I've managed to successfully block it from my memory. It was made in
Cincinnati (Ohio), and it had all the earmarks of a really low-budget
movie: shaky camera work, harsh lighting, mixed footage shot at 30p and
60i, atrocious acting. But it had a lot of boobage.
So it wasn't that good, but it was interesting enough for me to watch it
end-to-end, and then follow it up with watching some of the extras. Like
the making-of documentary.
I was astonished.
They had a budget. They had a 1-1/2 ton grip truck, professional
lighting equipment, and a quite accomplished DP (the guy has worked with
Joel & Ethan Coen fer chrissakes). They had three makeup people, and a
pretty large crew. Yet they managed to make a worse film than some I've
seen shot for twelve dollars and a toothpick.
Some of the behind-the-scenes footage showed the "world-class" DP trying
to do "steadycam" shots by handholding a Canon XL-1. Along with several
times of one of the producers saying "[DP name] is a god", and the
director talking about the wonderful shots that he was able to get.
I'm wondering if we were watching the same movie.
Still, lots of gratuitous nudity.

Bopped out to Target today over lunch. Got some water and some CDs, and
a DVD of Bulletproof Monk for $7.50.

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