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Kiss of the Vampire

I'm quite excited.

Yesterday, Tony turned in the finished first draft of bloodsuckers, which is this cute little vampire movie. It actually started as a scene that I had written as an experiment, I sent it to Tony, and he was inspired enough to write an entire screenplay. I suggested some changes, he liked most of them, and now I'm writing the second draft. The plan is we will ping-pong until we're both happy with the script, but it's pretty decent already. And I have a small but major-mojo role as well as the tech duties. And we have a tentative shooting schedule! I'm so stoked!

Incidentally, it's structured as a television show rather than a feature film. There are interesting reasons for that, which I'm not sure I want to examine right now. Get through the shooting first.

Barb and I buckled down a little tonight, and swept through the living room. It's still cluttered, but it's actually liveable now, and it feels like an accomplishment. And we had a fire (in the fireplace, not from one of the heaters), so the house is a little warmer.

So right now, I'm feeling warm, content, and a little sleepy. Relish the moment, baby.
Tags: cleaning, clutter, fire

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