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Kind of a sucky day at work. I got pissed off because a series of stupid design decisions has now caused an issue of safety, and I brought up the issue quite visually, along with a couple of suggestions on how to fix it.
Got a couple of "I don't see what the problem is" responses.

We're basically putting a multi-ton vehicle on autopilot. If you do something that causes me to crash, we could lose control of said multi-ton vehicle. I consider that to be an issue, as in a show-stopper.

Fixing this would take five minutes or less. Arguing about it will likely take hours.

I did a good workout tonight. I ended up doing 600 butt-crunches... I'm now doing sets of 100 at 60 lbs. And nobody else was in the gym for the two hours I was there for the second consecutive time. It's weird.

Got to read a really good script tonight. Tight, clean, and visual, and it's only a first draft. This gives me a really good feeling. I don't know how in the hell we're gonna shoot it all, but it's the kind of a challenge I like. And I can see almost every single shot: that is a Very Good Thing™.

Deus ex Machina. Making the decision easy. Would you rather have this hundred-dollar bill, or a poke in the eye with a sharp stick?

Less than two months left. 55 calendar days.

In other news: if I've said something that has offended you, suck it up. I'm not trying to be offensive.

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