Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Got home from work today only to be completely wiped out in a very short time. I went to bed at around 7, and slept and had the weirdest dream...

It was full of "inanimate" objects that were haunted, and I wa the only one who could communicate with them. One in particular was a strange electrical contraption that looked like a small electric motor with a huge cable attached to it. This thing was giving people bad electrical shocks, sometimes killing them.
I went to deal with it-- and realized it was haunted-- and once it ralized that I knew it had a persona and animus, it tried to hide, yet it couldn't resist trying to attack me.
I was able to bait it and capture it despite the shocks it gave me. I tried talking to it while it was delivering shock after shock, until finally I told it that I was just going to dump it in water.
I took it into the bathroom, filled the sink with water, and was about to dump it in when I heard a voice...
"wait, I don't want to die."
It was the motor, using the electrical buzzing noise of its operation and modulating it into a voice. And somehow I knew it's name was "hans".
I asked it why it was hurting people, and it told me this story about how its coworkers were always taking long lunches and leaving it to do the work, and one day it just snapped.
"So that's the reason that you're killing people? Because you resent your coworkers for taking long lunches?"
I dunked it in the water and watched as it electrocuted itself.
"Goodbye, hans."

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