Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Mental ambidexterity

Late workout last night, but a hearty one. Realized after the fact that
I had set the curl machine higher than expected and was doing bicep
curls at 60 lbs instead of 50. I'm feeling that a little bit today. :)
And I also upped the reps on the butt-and-thigh machine. 4 sets of 25 at
100 lbs, followed by 5 sets of 100 at 60 lbs. I can definitely feel that
today, but it's a noticeable change: my butt is actually firm. And I can
see muscles in my back and shoulders that were not there before. My body
is taking shape, and it's a better shape than it was. Still a long way
to go, but asctually seeing results does help a lot.

We had the first run at porting the code to the actual machine on which
it will be running yesterday. Despite warnings that we've been giving
all along saying that the bloated code was going to make thins thing
slow, there was surprise at how slow it was. When you press a
button on the screen, it takes two full seconds for the screen to change
to indicate that the button was pressed, and another two seconds before
the actual event registers. And that's with only one application
running, and with no "real-time onscreen mapping".
I chortle at that phrase.

I filled out more info on OkCupid,
which consisted primarily of answering questions of judgement. Their
matching algorithm is kinda cool, and since there is a large pool of
data, it seems to me to be a more likely method of finding a compatible
Then again, the highest match percentage that I got was 70%. Maybe it's
just me, but I don't find that particularly high. I think I'd start
looking at 80% or higher, but we'll see if anything happens.
At this point, it's purely recreational.
This is really the farthest I've gone with a "dating" site. I actually
have an active profile, which I've never had before. I don't know why
I'm more comfortable with this site, though I think it may have
something to do with having their matching algorithm public (and partly
because the pool of matching questions comes mainly from the users).
I probably need to put more data in the pool. There are something like
1700 questions, though you don't have to answer them all-- but the more
you answer, the more precise the match can be. And I should probably
write more in my profile.
I guess I'm a little skeptical at an online dating site. It requires
that you be completely honest when you're entering information, and I
think that everyone pretty much tries to put their best foot forward.
And I still have the feeling that I'm going to become involved with an

Character moment: "You must be at least this pretty to ride this

Flogging my writer's brain today, I think. Work is interminable-- I'm
basically waiting for a crash that happens sporadically-- and it hasn't
happened for me since yesterday afternoon. I think I can work in a few
sketches for the characters in Six Days.

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