Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam


Worked. Packed. Drove. Slept. Unfortunately there was a screw up with Barb and I in the same bed, but with the level of exhaustion, unconsciousness set in relatively early, and she had to be up at 4:00 to make a plane. There was morphodite cuddle time with the pooch, but she was overjoyed and excited to have both Barb and I in the ned at the same time, since that is pack central.

Woke up with the headache from hell, enough to make me nearly vomit. In that grotesque area where I can't take any medication for fear that I'd throw them right back up. Made it with some luck, went to food with Greggums who was down visiting, unloaded the truck (with the headache from hell still riding me like a fucking pony), and generally did some errand-y things.

Later in the day the headache calmed down to a functional point, and together we managed to pack more of Barb's stuff into bins and put them into the storage room. Eventually we went to dinner at Gaypplebees where I managed to flirt with both the Maitre'Dess and the gay waiter. I am incorrigible.
It was really good. We spent mucho time talking and imbibing small amounts of tequila, which we decided is good for colds. I was regailed with stories of Satan's Houseplant and The Fucking Puma.
And sleep.

Woke up, got more pet food, ate at Old China Buffet. Drove back to Des Moines, noticing that there is now some upper respiratory distress. Early bedtime tonight, methinks.

Tomorrow I shall perhaps write of nakedness and vulnerability. For now, just be content with these pictures of beautiful naked women.

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