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I tend to use Google as an adjunct to my brain. It's easy to type in a word or phrase and find out a slice of information and fluff that reflects the popular informatrix.

This morning, I typed the phrase "Uwe Boll" "good director" in to see if anyone actually thought it was possible. I hit the return key.

Suddenly, there was this huge sound that I can only describe as a cross between a huge cloth ripping, and the stone-on-stone sound of a tomb being opened after millennia. I felt things warp, and a small rip in the fabric of space-time appeared above my computer. It made a howling sound like everything was both getting sucked into it and spewing from the other side; nasty things that are better of left unspoken.

I managed to close the search window, and the rip sealed up with a "thoom" sound, and I was left with all of my papers and things slowly settling to the ground in vast disarray.

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