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Mar. 20th, 2005

It's all about ending and beginnings for you Bulls these days. Don't waste energy trying to change the natural course of events. Allow completed projects to fade away so that new ones can be started. Be prepared to face your fears about uncertainty until the new situations begin to take on a life of their own. Negotiating for what you want will set the stage for what happens over the coming weeks.

The astrological year is ending with this last week of Pisces, so it looks like a good time to complete some relationship business. Venus crosses paths with Pluto on Thursday, putting the squeeze on love, intensifying fears and desires. Going to extremes is to be expected. Give yourself some freedom to obsess, even to doubt yourself, as long as you loosen up on the choke hold before you hurt yourself. Yes, something's got to go, but it isn't you.

Last night, you were treated to a sneak preview of what we can all expect over the next three weeks: an awful lot of hurrying up and waiting. Mercury turned retrograde, a time that's classically marked by miscommunications, delays, bad directions and just missing whoever or whatever you desperately needed to see. In short, this is definitely what inspired Murphy to pen Murphy's Law. Talk about a good time. Better start practicing that famous patience -- and giving some lessons, too.

Daily Flirt:
You have a pretty spectacular intuition. You can always tell where the treasure is buried. If you follow your gut today you're going to find just what you're looking for.

Daily Singles:
If you've got a power struggle going in your love life, consider the advantages of making this person an ally. If they're strong enough to stand up to you, just think of what you could accomplish together.

Mars is all about work, and this summer is all about Mars. June and July will be whisper-quiet as long as you keep your task list up-to-date and your in-box clean, but come August you'll find yourself restless and eager to take on new responsibilities. It could be that you throw yourself into volunteer work, or that you demand a more palatable workload. In either case, you've got the strong red planet backing you up.

You might not like it at first, but the change in weather come September will also bring changes in the way you relate to your career. That doesn't necessarily mean you'll drop everything and write the Great American Novel, but you're definitely in for some serious choices in the months leading up to winter. The very end of October will be the best time to start putting those new plans into action, but take your time. You'll see the start of some very real changes around the holidays.

So begins the Potent Dreaming phase of the year for you, Taurus. In the coming weeks, the adventures you have while you sleep will be far more interesting than any movie you could see in a theater. Some of your dreams may be the nighttime equivalent of wild goose chases and shaggy dog stories, with no discernible plots or meaning. But the revelations you receive in others could change your life forever with useful lessons and brilliant insights. To help you remember these spiritual gifts from your subconscious mind, please keep a pen and notebook near your bed.

Position: Love & Me
Main (positional) Meaning:
The time is now for self-healing in your forthcoming relationship with your potential love interest.

The card in the Love & Me position touches on an aspect of how you perceive yourself with regard to possible intimacy in your life.

With Temperance in this position, you are ready to take responsibility for getting well, no matter what it takes. The quest for health could be on a physical, emotional or mental level, or it may have to do with paying off "karmic dues."

In any case, the work is to clear up past dysfunction and address entangled emotions in your potential relationship. The process will purge the toxic waste of unfinished business with your future partner that disables you. When you are ready, mix your powerful medicine. This is the right time to start healing yourself.

Six of Pentacles
Position: Situation
Main (positional) Meaning:
You and a potential partner may be experiencing a gap in terms of personal investment or commitment. Without greater efforts to create more balance, this future relationship could be one of dependency.

The card that lands in the Situation position refers to social or circumstantial factors which could be affecting your life at this time.

When the Six of Coins is in this position, there may be a significant gap between you and the person you are thinking of -- socially, financially or culturally. If there is such an imbalance, it is a predicament that can be frustrating because no amount of effort seems to make much difference. It seems that a level playing field is not in the cards.

Your best bet may be to simply accept the areas of inequality and let that be OK between you. There is no harm in the more-endowed carrying the heavier load, if they don't mind. Problems arise if one confuses capability with personal worth. Don't confuse current access to resources with personal value. That is a spiritual matter that does not accommodate such comparisons.

Position: Challenges
Main (positional) Meaning:
Heed the beckoning call of redemption for a coming relationship.

The card that lands in the Challenges position refers to ways that you can turn obstacles into stepping stones.

Judgement in this position indicates a challenge for you and a possible romantic partner to be redeemed and resurrected. Agree to wake up your relationship to a higher level of discernment, even though outwardly it may be in the same old form, identity or situation.

When this trumpet blows, however, it may no longer matter how you define yourself or your relationship. External reckoning may no longer apply. A higher order calls, and you and your new partner are likely to find yourselves marching to that new drummer.

Seems to be something of a common theme here.

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