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Sparks may be flying now, but these are not the sparks of conflict. Rather they are the results of static electricity generated by rubbing up against your own desire for success. You may feel more spontaneous than you usually do, yet resistance comes from your tendency to change slowly. Don't hang on to reasons that prevent you from reaching your goals.

So what's holding me back?

(Note: possibly NWS, definitely offensive.)
Google search:
Again, using google to adjunct my brain.

There is an interesting sociological phenomenon in doing this. I find the image search to be the most stream-of-consciousness oriented, perhaps because it fits with the short attention span of modern man.

perfect woman
There is a theme here

I just love the expression on her face throughout this one.

This is a pretty common theme. Naked women and beer.

This one takes some time...

Painting by Kelly Moore.

Direct websites:

Interestingly enough, there is a "perfect woman" competition in New Zealand.

This is perhaps the most popular, next to the woman with beer spouts for nipples:

And this one seems to sum up the overall generalization:

And my personal favorite:

Perfect Woman
Brand new and used. No bidding.
Find anything at eBay!

There really is a point to this. It started off as a lark, but it's become more of a thoughtful piece now.

There is no perfect woman. That is the secret that lies beneath the crude attempts at humor. It is something good to remember during those long cold nights.

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