Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Damn. Fraught with imagery.
Somebody was filming a movie, I think it must have been at some beachside resort that we were at. I was somebody important, but I don't know what my exact role was. And Bob Saget offered to hold my camera while we were getting the canoes equipped for the exploration expedition.
My redheaded friend was there. I was primarily playing with her body for the first time, and she was completely consensual. I noticed that she had intentional ritual scars in a small pattern on her left breast. The details I will leave out-- suffice to say there was a lot of fun sensuality. However, at every turn where it became erotic, something would interrupt; a phone call, her sister, parents coming home with friends from a show. It seemed every time I turned around that I wasn't wearing pants. And at one point, I was trying to put on a fat suit that was very mechanical and ended up hurting me because it spread my legs too far apart.
For some reason, Bob Saget disappeared with my camera, the bastard. I think fairoriana's father made me the manager after she announced our engagement, even though she wasn't there, and he was talking to his friends about moving to Seattle. I was concerned because I was trying to hook up with my redheaded friend even though I knew her boyfriend would be pissed, and since Bob Saget had my camera, I needed to get something from her camera bag, which was chock-full of stuff I didn't recognize and soon became the size of a suitcase. And I had to decorate the bar, even though the bartender hadn't met me yet, so I ended up decorating it from her parents house that they were arguing about, like a painting of a woman facing away wearing a leopard-print hat (was one of a set of three, different woman, similar poses, same leopard print hat) and a knit grass coaster. In the bar, they were playing videos of me with a surfboard in the ocean searching for something; I think they were from my camera that Bob Saget had stolen. In the movies, I was thin.
And all the dogs needed to be let out into the fenced cage/forest to play, and they were all eager for attention of various kinds. I didn't know all of their names, but they all wanted attention from me, and they all loved me with great energy.

If this sounds like a jumbled, confusing mess, it was. None of the people are who they are in real life; everything is symbolic. I'll try and decode it later, I just wanted to get it written down now so I'd remember the details.

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