Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

identity crisis

38</i> days remain.

My phone doesn't work. Not my cell phone, that works just fine-- it's my
office phone.

Since we moved back to the main building, my phone number changed
because the PBX's are separate, and they do VOIP, so the phone is
actually a data terminal. It's kinda cool.

So they have me listed as extension 4764.

Well, my phone won't dial out. I can't get an outside line. Honestly
that hasn't been a big issue, since if I really need to make a personal
call, I have my cell. And usually business calls are conferenced, so I
just go to someone else's cube.

Well, this morning, one of our off-site developers tried to call me. She
got immediately routed to David Reed's voicemail. David Reed isn't
listed in the company phone directory.

If I dial my extension from my phone, I get Marisa Van Hal. If I try to
dial the front desk, my phone rings.

My extension is not listed in the company directory.

My actual extension on the system is apparently 2020.

I still don't have access to voicemail.

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