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The Scorpio Moon is opposite your sign of Taurus the Bull, encouraging you to reflect on your current circumstances. Every part of your life feels impacted by a fullness of emotions and intensity. Relationships are a source of greater awareness for you now and it's important that you use them to help get a better picture of who you really are.

From an astrological perspective, it won't be a good week to make big decisions based on what you read in newspaper horoscope columns. Similarly, the cosmic rhythms won't be aligned in your favor if you sit down in the middle of an intersection and beg an angel for a sign about which way you should go. On the other hand, you shouldn't rely on the advice of practical experts or logical analysts to direct you, either. Their influence would be equally wrong. In my opinion, there's only one thing you can trust right now: your body. You should formulate specific questions and invite your body to reveal the answers through its feelings and sensations.

Um... my back hurts. What does that say?

The weekend was really full, kind of unintentionally. Friday night I managed to get in touch with Jess & Colin on the way up, and made pland to hang out for a while and drink some wine and just generally chat. I didn't make it there until 10:00 because of the unpacking of the truck (see the above about back hurting), but we still spent a couple of hours together. It was nice.

Saturday after a stroll with Sadie (who was so very happy to have me home), I again met Jess & Colin for lunch at La Casita up in Fridley. Late start, late lunch, ended up going to Ax-Man for a while and browsing. Got out at 2:30 or so; on a whim I called Tony & Kristi, and as luck would have it they had come back a day early from their trip aqnd had just made it home a few minutes before. We made plans for me to come over and pick up the remains of the dercorations and props from Halloween, along with a couple of plastic bins. Thus proceeded another truckful of *stuff* to unload (did I mention that my back hurts?). And of course, the company was good, and since I came mearing wine, there was a bit morer drinking of the wine and talking and much social goodness. We decided to order in food, and about this time my readheaded friend called and wanted to come over for a while, to which I could of course not say no. Redheads and wine are a weakness of mine.

(Many wonders here about the redheaded friend. She seemed a touch uncomfortable last night, and I don't know why. I think there's something deeper happening with her that I am unaware of. I'd doubt if it was related to me.)

Long story short, I stayed much longer than anticipated, and scurried home to a very anxious and wantingtogooutsiderightnow pooch. I fed the critters amd hopped back in the car for a late night visit to Rocky & Trees, where saveau was hiding out as well as Scott whom I manage to run into about once or twice a year. I got rubbed and petted by Trees (ThankYouThankYouThankYou), which made me very mellow. And it proceeded to get late, and there was conversation and stories, and I finally made it home at 0-fuck-30... only to try out the dumpster-dive DVD player that I snagged in Des Moines-- and it actually worked perfectly. No remote, but for free, I ain't gona bitch. Watched about 40 minutes of Freaks, then to bed with a warm happy pooch and a nocturnal kitty.

And this morning involved unloading the truck yet again (there really should be some kind of law), the packing, the gathering of bills, the paying lots of attention to the pooch, the rememberance of Easter being a stores-closed holiday which then thwarted my attempt to pick up a universal remote (thwarted, I say!).
And then the long drive back.

Speaking of back, did I mention the hurting, and the owie and the pain in the glaven...

Well, one of the things I picked up at Ax-Man was a back brace. I've been trying to wear it off and on to see if it helps, and I have discovered that the pain is lower than what the back brace really is intended for. I have the feeling it's in my sacroilial joint-- where the pelvis joins to the spine.

For now, I am going to lounge about a bit in my apartment of squalor, then off to bed with me. Which sounds a lot sexier than it actually is.

For now, pleasant dreams.

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