Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Are you safe Miss Gradenko?

33 days remain.

Been wearing the back brace all day at work. It does seem to help,
though I'm not sure how much. I will try to wear it at the gym tonight,
assuming that my intestines will cooperate with me. I have the distinct
feeling that I could use whole-torso support.

Handoff tomorrow of the first run of code. It was supposed to be today,
but somebody finally figured out that handing off code at 4:00 when it
wouldn't even be built until 4:30 was a bad idea. Although making
changes to the kernel and core services and handing off the code without
testing it is still a bad idea in my opinion, but my opinion really
doesn't matter here.

I need to pick up an external hard drive, like a firewire drive. I was
going to pick one up this weekend, but the whole Easter thing threw me
off. I need to dump several gig of data from my laptop and my work
computer to storage before I am destined to the Great White North;
besides, having a large FW drive makes for the transfer of large video
and audio files hella easier when it comes time for that whole movie
postproduction thing.

And I should pick up some Mothra-sized trash bags for the apartment so I
can toss the random detritus that I have collected in my frenzied
packing. And perhaps a decent trash can that can be wheeled about that I
may be able to reuse back at the Big Broken Box(tm) (not that I'm
anticipating any need for cleaning anything up or anything).

And crap, I'm gonna need to get a lawnmower. And probably call a stump
removal company for the big tree-that-isn't-there-anymore.

And the backyard really really needs to be cleaned. Like
rent-a-dumpster cleaned.

Ooh, hey, does anybody have a rototiller that I can use?

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