Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Dream a little dream

In the repair/remodel of the Big Broken Box(tm), one of the long-term
problems has been the unfortunate midget bathtubs that the previous
remodelers (sometime in the 40's/50's?) found. They are far too small to
be comfortable for one of William Howard Taft proportions such as

Part of the remodeling plan is the main floor bathroom, which is in
desperate need of updating on just about every level. This would involve
completely gutting it down to the studs, removing the window, cutting a
new window frame, new plumbing, electrical, installing a fan, a new
floor, tiling, etc. I also want to put in a much bigger bathtub, one in
which I can comfortably soak and stretch. And knowing my penchant for
hot tubs, the idea of putting in a spa tub has occurred to me.

The available space is somewhere around 3 feet by 7 feet. That's plenty
big for a nice tub, and I have found a couple of spa tubs that are
prebuilt that are 6 feet long and 32 - 36" wide, but they all seem to be
shallow: the deepest one I've found is 21 inches.

Honestly, I could forego the bubbly spa action for a good soaking tub.
Water jets would be nice, but more often I just want to soak and float.

The other option is to build a custom tub in the space. It's actually
not that hard, but it's time consuming and it's very much a permanent
fixture for any future remodels. And it's cheaper than buying a
ready-made spa tub, by quite a wide margin. I have no specific data on
the resale value of custom tubs, but I don't think it's less than
a premade unit.

Yet another option is to do an actual party-style hot tub, like an
8-seater. This would most likely have to be outside in an already
cramped yard. I could possibly put it in the back where the garage used
to be and have a kind of gazebo thing for it, and I could make access
through the breezeway Door To Nowhere(tm).

The outdoor hot tub would be more expensive, and likely be fraught with
zoning regulations, but it would be marvelous for parties.

The indoor tub would be more practical, would probably involve
reinforcing the floor joists (planned anyway), and would be more
private. But it wouldn't be nearly as social, and might be big enough
for two at the most. It would also have to double as a shower.

Bear in mind that the house will likely be getting sold in the next
couple of years.

So, looking for opinions:

1.) Remodel the bathroom decently, but don't go for luxury. Regular tub.
2.) Go for the luxury of a pre-made spa tub.
3.) Ooh! Ooh! Custom-made soaking tub sounds delightfully oozy!
4.) Bust it, and go for a custom-made spa tub. Major resale value.
5.) Screw the indoor tub, do an outdoor hot tub and party naked!
6.) Find a place inside (like the basement) to put in a full-size hot
tub and party naked!
7.) Dude, I've seen your basement, that last one's a bad idea.
8.) Other (specify):

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