Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam


With a heading like that, how could this not be about work?

After having a rather involved technical design discussion disguised as
an interview, it reminds me of just how much I understand about systems
design, and really how good I am at seeing these things and articulating

And it does give me hope that I can bounce back rather quickly after the
overlong exposure to the Tao of Deere and get right back on the
using-my-brain-for-good-instead-of-evil pony.

I've learned a whole lot in my time here. It's closely related to why I
like to watch bad movies: I can learn more from watching a bad movie
than I can from watching a good movie. But you know, I really don't want
to be strapped in a chair and watch nothing but Uwe Boll movies for 14


They know I'm leaving. We talked about it briefly today, since they are
trying to move away from contractors and into full-time employees now,
they are trying to talk some of the longer-term contractors into
staying. Since I've pretty much made it clear that is not an option, it
seems they're going to let me ride into the sunset with a cowboy song in
my heart.

The Tao of Deere is not my Tao. While it seems to work for them,
it is full of noise and sharp spiky things, and has a huge amount of
entropy. It is byzantine and arcane, and is modeled on things that I
dislike about the industry as a whole. It is full of noise and fury, and
is like riding a herd of angry bees.

So what is the Tao of Marmot?


There is more to it, but in a nutshell, QIPUP. Or I suppose PUPIQ if you
list them backwards; I think I like that better because it implies a
smart dog, and I like smart dogs.

Yeah, I know that isn't a tao, but it's a window into it. It's like a
shorthand notation. There are a lot of gaps that should be filled in,
but these basic principles should guide the filling in part.

If you have a meeting, make sure the meeting has a purpose, and before
the meeting is done, verify that the purpose has been fulfilled.

Six horses pulling a wagon in six different directions won't get as far
as one horse pulling the same wagon by himself.

If you don't understand the system as a whole, then your mind can fit
through the eye of a needle.

The cherry blossom only lives a short while, but from the blossom come
the cherries.

Your lucky numbers are 6, 17, and 384.

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