Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

What a way to tick me off...

Walking in the door of work this morning, got a phone call from a
recruiter. She had a job listing in Minneapolis: embedded C/C++ plus
hardware. Positions needed to be filled by April 15th. I told her that I
was not available until May 2nd since I was finishing up a contract; she
proceeded to ask me three times if I could just leave early, me saying
"no" each time.
Then she got pissy and asked me why I was already listing my resume if I
wasn't available until May.
I dunno-- maybe I figure that there are some companies who actually look
for people in advance of needing them? And maybe when I list the job as
ending on April 30th, you could maybe figure out that I won't be
available before then?

Honestly, it wasn't so much the question as the pissiness of it. It just
irritated me.

I think some of the plants are starting to push out pollen down here. I
am allergyful and coughing, even through the cough supressant. I don't
think it's The Cold of Doom or anything heavy.

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