Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam


Well, I am at work. I decided to brave the lungs of death and go in. Of
course, today is the day that they decided to update the source control
software, so I don't have access to the project source code to check
anything in or out.

I was hoping to maybe catch Sin City tonight, but I have the feeling
that I'd be better off lazing about at the apartment and not coughing up
a lung at the theater. Besides, the season finale of BSG is on tonight.

I just got called into Wayne's office. Figured I was in trouble for
something yet again, like taking job interview phone calls while I'm at
work, but no. It was more of a talk about the whole project and how they
really do appreciate the work that I've done, and recognize that I do
have a better understanding of the system as a whole than just about
anyone there. Then he dropped the bomb: he asked me what it would take
for me to stay at Deere as a permanent employee.

I wasn't expecting that. I asked if he was serious, and sure enough, he

So I threw out three things, figuring that if I made an outrageous
enough offer, they'd just let me go on my merry way:
1.) They would make me the overall RCD project manager with full
authority over the project,
2.) They would assist with the selling of the house in Minneapois and
the purchase of a new home down here,
3.) Salary of $125k/yr plus benefits, including full-coverage health and
disability insurance.

He talked me down to $115k, but offered up on everything else. And
that's just too good an offer to pass up, so I said yes.

Which means I'll be staying in Des Moines for the forseeable future.

I know how much I've been looking forward to coming home and being able
to see friends on a more regular basis, but it's not really that far
away, and this is a really good step into management and the furthering
of my career. It's a stable position with a big company that's
profitable and likely to be around for a while, and it's a position
where I might actually get to make a difference.

And as an added bonus, I get to have a company-sponsored harem of
scantily-clad babes available at my beck and call to give me massages
and oral pleasure while at work.
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