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Domine Patre Filium Spiritus Sancti.
Waiting for the pope to pass, wondering what joys the next pope will
bring, whether we will see a shift to a more conservative church.

I have my ideological differences with the Catholic Church, but I have a
lot of respect for the institution. I do see the reason for the
existence of organized religion in general as a kind of moral compass
for society, lest we become completely destroyed by animalistic

The primary secular concept is there: treat your fellow man as you would
be treated, and we will all be better off. That is a message that I can
agree with, and is a core tenet of most faiths.

But society is a complex thing, and has many complexities to it. There
are a lot of unanswered questions that people turn to religion to find,
and sometimes the details get fiercely corrosive.

Over the centuries, the Church has catalyzed a lot of scientific
understanding and provided avenues where knowledge was sought and
hoarded. This wasn't entirely altruistic, as knowledge was power, and
the Church was a powerful entity. There were also times of great
darkness where true knowledge was spurned over belief, and torture and
murder were accepted as part of salvation.

The Church became a powerful political entity, unbound by the laws of
men because they followed the Laws of God, as interpreted by those in
power in the Church. And at a time, they felt it was necessary to
expunge some of the holy writings to more properly fit the direction
that they found themselves going.

The Bible has been through many translations. The earliest "cohesive"
set of books was translated into greek from the various languages in
which they were written (Aramaic, Hebrew, etc.), and though some of the
translations are faulty, the greek is considered to be the prime
concordance of biblical scholars.

I have nothing against organized religions in general. I think that they
do serve a purpose, and I respect and understand those who follow their
chosen faith because it makes them better people. What I don't respect
are things like killing, torturing, maiming, and general harm done in
the name of God, whoever that god may be.

The Homosexual Agenda
Yes, I do believe there is a Homosexual Agenda. And I believe
there is one simple purpose:

To be accepted for who they are.

The horror! The very idea that a group of people should want to be
accepted as a part of "normal" society and not treated as outcasts or
second-class citizens because of something that delineates them, why
it's lunacy! It's like those uppity negroes or the evil jews all over

I happen to have gay friends. They are not my friends because they are
gay, they are my friends because I like them as people. Being gay holds
no more sway for me than being Irish, or being a Scorpio, or liking
tomatoes. Unless I'm actually having some sort of sexual relationship
with you, it really doesn't affect me all that much. It's not like you
leave some sort of gay residue that has to be sterilized, or you somehow
sully the iconography of my crucifix-in-cow-urine project.

I also have friends that are bisexual. I get it. I understand it. I know
people who have had sex changes. Good people. These are not evil
machinations of Satan, they are people who do normal people things like
eat and shit and pay taxes and shop and worry and cry and laugh and

And if somehow the choice of who someone falls in love with offends you
to your core, then maybe it is you who are broken. Because I like my
friends. I don't like you.

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