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Feeling surprisingly void of content right now. I wonder if that makes me discontent?

I'm once again in the ugly place between waking and sleep. Thought about watching a movie, but I don't think I'm up for anything that long. I'd read a book, but that involves the whole lying down thing and that makes me cough. The internet radio that I listen to is full.

So I write. Empty headed.

Throw on some MP3s downloaded from the Hamster Alliance earlier. Not exactly the right mood, but it'll do, pig.

Had a dream earlier that's forming into a movie idea. It's either a ghost story or a psychic story, I can't decide which yet. Essentially a woman is visited by the ghost of her husband in her dreams. He's doing very erotic things to her, but it's not entirely him-- something else is riding along with him, or using his identity to get her. He has a lot of tattoos or scars; her chidren are seeing ghosts as well, and the son has taken to drawing the same marks on his skin.
There's a creepy eroticism to it. The weird thing is that I'm not seeing it as a dream; in my head, it's a movie. I can see how it's lit and shot, the camera moves and everything.

It's almost pornographic, but not quite. Lots of near-BDSM stuff. She is really turned on in her dreams, but after she is awake, she is freaked out. I think she's trying to move to a different house, but there are a lot of unresolved conflicts.

Not sure what the children represent. The son drawing the same tattoos on his arms is this creepy touch that just cemented in my mind the horror nature of it. Very "sixth sense" or "the Ring", but the kid isn't as nice. There is a younger daughter, but she really didn't do much; it's like she was a placeholder for something else.

Don't know where this is going yet. Still just an idea.

I need to get more Tom Waits.

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