Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Playlist on random
add "In My Pants" to the title of the song

Mortal Ground In My Pants (Rhea's Obsession)
Spiritual Fear In My Pants (Rhea's Obsession)
Amerika In My Pants (Rammstein)
This Is Kim Carson In My Pants (William S. Burroughs)
Doubt In My Pants (The Eighth Day)
Stein Um Stein In My Pants (Rammstein)
Three Doors In My Pants (VAST)
Chutes and Ladders In My Pants (Savage Aural Hotbed)
When Biscuits Go Wrong In My Pants (Joel Veitch)
Where Is My Mind In My Pants (Pixies)
Mark's Attitude In My Pants (Savage Aural Hotbed)
Bitchin Camaro In My Pants (Dead Milkmen)
I Never Heard In My Pants (n.ln)
Dirty Hole In My Pants (VAST)
Mein Teil In My Pants (Rammstein)
The Fishy Song In My Pants (Joel Veitch)
Robin's Theme In My Pants (Sun Ra & the Blues Project)
Reise, Reise In My Pants (Rammstein)
Matrika In My Pants (Rhea's Obsession)
Somewhere Else To Be In My Pants (VAST)
House of the Rising Sun In My Pants (Eric Burden and the Animals)
The Host In My Pants (The Eighth Day)
Pressure In My Pants (Savage Aural Hotbed)
Wrong Bananas In My Pants (Joel Veitch)

Some notes:
Rammstein songs don't work all that well for humor because of the language. They're probably funnier translated: for instance Los translates to -Less, and Less In My Pants is funny. So is Beer after Beer, though Reise, Reise works.
Joel Veitch songs seem to be the best (see Anal Seepage).
I omitted the untitled songs. Figured [Untitled] In My Pants was just stupid. I also removed a lot of the quirky sounds that I have loaded from the playlist and limited it to just the songs and sound bites.
Realized that I should make Mix CD's with this rather eclectic batch of stuff I have on here.

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