Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam


Well, one thing about the cough medicine-- it seems to have made the day
go faster. Either that or it has fuct with my short-term wuzzisnoose in
such a way that my memory is fuzi.

No workout tonight. No way in hell. I will probably do taxes tonight, or
try and calculate the mileage on the vehicle and add up the utilities
from last year. And bills are due. Prickling lobsterfuck.

My nose is like hamburger right now. Hurts like hell, and the sinuses
are slammed shut tighter than a prison newbie's sphincter. I suppose it
could be worse, but I feel like being whiny. I haven't done the
Cough-O-Doom all that much today, so let's hope I'm on the upswing and
that I can get enough rest tonight to make tomorrow's trudge through the
Gulag a little more bearable.

I still have to pack stuff up this week. I did do some cleaning and
assembly of boxes last night, so I do actually have a bit of a start.
But I'm wondering whether I should try and move the futon-couch back
home this weekend. It would mean I'm couchless for three weeks and I'd
only have the office chair.

Ah, there's time to decide.

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