Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

23 days remain.

Lots of yelling happening today which thankfully I am not involved with.
All revolving around schedule pressure and how to proceed with testing
and fixing bugs.

It's not yelling in that screaming-at-the-top-of-your-lungs way, it's
more of that intense way of speaking that parents are so good at.
Professional yelling. The details don't matter, it's just one more brick
in the camel's load all the way around.

Last night involved some low-key cleaning and packing. The low-key part
pretty much because of the being sick, which sucks as I pretty much have
to be packed up tonight before I go to bed. The plan is to leave
directly from work tomorrow. I still have to get the remains of the
bedroom closet packed, which is actually not a big thing, maybe a
half-hour tops. The linen closet is empty-- actually all the closets are
empty except for the bedroom closet.

Kitchen is fairly bare. There are still a few things that I need to pack
up tonight. It's more the other stuff-- the TV stand and the
computer/craft center that I need to decide whether to try to bring
back, or what bits of them to bring back. I'm planning on keeping the
computer and all of its accessories as well as the TV & DVD player down
here, as well as the lamps, the futon, coffee tables, the bed, the
office chair and tables, and a set of tools, the dishes, and cleaning
supplies. The bike.

I just know I'm gonna end up with a "miscellaneous" box or two. Lots of
little stuff that doesn't belong together, but doesn't really have a
place of its own.

I have a lot of trash to take out now. Two 55-gallon bags full, plus a
good part of another one. The detritus of life, I suppose. All those
things that you keep without meaning that eventually become *stuff* that
you have to deal with.

This weekend is pretty much filled. Saturday is pooch time and the
unpacking of the stuff and moving it into the house; Saturday night is
the Bowlsby shindig, which I assume will cavort into the wee hours of
Sunday morning; and Sunday is the road trip back to the Land of Pigs and
Somewhere in there I should do some surveying of the coming work. A lot
will depend on how much snow is still on the ground-- I'm betting it
will be pretty much gone by now.

There will also be some dealing-with-Barb time. I don't know what that
will entail completely, but I'm hoping it will be transitory and perhaps
even pleasant rather than confrontational. It is impossible to tell at
this point.

I need to establish end dates with the utility companies and prep a
change-of-address with the post office.

Wow. Lots to deal with.

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