Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Monday Bloody Monday

19 days remain.

Resilient cough. Bastard is just hanging in there to annoy me. Only
functional because of cough medicine, but it's a bromide which makes me
dull and lethargic.

Eve thinks I'm allergic to Iowa. Fun thought, that.

on</i> today, on a deep structural level.

Thoughts wandering to home, and the fixing of the Big Broken Box(tm).
I'm getting excited about it. To be able to finally do something
constructive (in the literal sense even), though there will still be
plenty of destruction happening. And there will most definitely be
assistance needed, particularly in the strong backs category, with the
humping of concrete block and bags of mortar, the moving and chiseling
of brick, shoveling and sifting of dirt, and general cleanup. And that's
just the outside.

Inside work mostly involves cleaning, though cleaning is far too
delicate a word for the level and intensity of what needs to happen.
Industrial Detoxification and archaeological excavation
are more accurate; and if you think I'm kidding, I will tell you that
the use of shovels will be entirely appropriate in certain areas of the

Three weeks. I will be HOME in three weeks. I will have a very happy
dog, and I suspect a very happy saveau. I will actually be
able to see friends and do social things on a much more regular basis,
and just in general be with more creative folk, and people with whom I
have things in common.

There are some things that I will miss about my time here. None of them
are really because of being in Iowa, or being in Des Moines
specifically. Probably the thing that I will miss the most is the
convenience of a gym in the apartment complex. I'd say that I will miss
the hot tub, but I only got to actually use it twice.
I will miss having a nice apartment with a relatively clean kitchen. At
least until I can do the remodeling that I plan to do. The bathroom(s)
will likely come before the kitchen, and the dining room will need to be
repaired before then.

I figure that the exterior will be the primary target while the weather
is relatively nice; the front porch and the whole yard need to be
attacked vigorously with a fix-it stick. The interior work (other than
cleaning) can wait until the weather is more crappish.

There will be dumpstering. No real way to avoid it considering the
quantity of crap that will be generated in the process. Though I think a
chipper/shredder might help with some of the brush-oriented stuff. There
is enough that can be mulched and composted and mixed with the topsoil
that is primarily available from all of the construction that's been

Something that I'm considering is turning most of the backyard into a
paved patio, like with brick pavers or terracotta style tiles. Building
a garage that is smaller-- like a one-car-- close to the alleyway, and a
deck that extends out from the house where the old garage used to be. It
would end up forming a kind of enclosed U shape that would then be
really nice for a patio with a hot tub.
It would mean moving the shed, but of course I originally designed the
shed with this in mind, so it is on skids with angles cut and holes
drilled for tow ropes. And without a whole lot of grotesquerie, it could
be jacked up to install wheels. It's not designed for towing or
anything-- it's heavy as hell-- but it could be moved rather
easily. And if I did it right, I could build the garage so that it could
kind of "attach" to the shed.

Ah, it's nice to think about the possibilities.

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