Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Or I could talk about women.

I figure I can sum up everything I know about love and romance in one

"See Spot Run."

No really, it has deep meaning if you look for it. It's a zen thing.

I've been kinda off the wagon woman-wise. Haven't been spending too much
time thingking about love and sex and romance and all that good happy
stuff. I suppose it's because I'll be heading home soon, and all the End
of Days stuff is being all forefront-y.

Or it could be that I'm actually feeling good about things right now and
I don't want to break that streak.

Or it could be that I'm basically distracting myself as much as possible
so I don't have time to think about it.

So of course I must now take some time and expose myself to the elements
once again.

Love: Nope, still don't get it. Been in love, or at least what I
thought was love; turned out to be something else. Or maybe I was right
all along, but what I had wasn't enough. Still don't know. I love my
friends. I love my dog. Seem to do those okay.

Romance: I'm romantically impaired. I tend to get lost in thought
and forget things like important days, what shoes you wore on our first
date, and what day it is. But I'm also incredibly supportive, very
loving and generous, and I do occasionally bring home flowers for no

Sex: Oh, hell yeah. Playful and sensual. Not particularly
acrobatic, but I will try pretty much anything, and have a few things to
suggest myself. None of them actually involve small furry critters or
anything that has a mandrel.

Trust: Ouchie. Plus six Block of Stumbling. Yep I can feel that
one hanging there, blocking my way. But I can also feel it moving

Confidence: Coming back. Spades. Hot babes help.

Dating: I've kind of figured out that when I wasn't afraid of
asking a woman out that I'd be ready to start dating again. The fear has
stymied me, though fear of what I can't say-- it's somewhere between
rejection and acceptance. Tied in a lot with the confidence I think.
But I'm pretty sure that if things keep up the way they are, by the time
I get back home, I'll be up for it. Hey, dating should be fun, right?
Getting to know someone better, spending time with another human being
or two, rather than pigs and corn.

So here: ask me up to five questions on the above (or related) topics,
and I'll answer them to the best of my ability.

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