Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam


I got my hair cut today. I wasn't going to-- I'd kind of decided to grow
it out-- but two things kind of encouraged me: it was getting in my eyes
all the time (enough where I'd have to wear a bandanna) and upcoming job
interviews. So I had it cut into a business length. Of course, now I can
put stuff in it and make it all spiky again, which is kinda fun. But I
also lost the babe-magnet quality of the long, luxurious hair. I guess
now I'll just have to get by on my looks and personality.

Stop laughing.

My last weekend in DesdeMoines this weekend. Most likely filled with the
lusty energy of packing what's left and cleaning rather than really
enjoying any of the sights (Hey, look! Corn!) or delving into the deep
spirituality of the strip clubs. I'll probably vamoose long enough to
see a movie and maybe do a dinner at the Yuppie Embers nearby, but I
really should just pack and clean and get it done with.

The spot on the carpet is being resistant to my efforts; my shouting
"Out, damned spot" has had no effect either. I shall try one more carpet
cleaning product (OxyKick) and a steam clean before giving in to the
realization that I've shot my wad in the damage deposit. Which sucks,
because I've been working really hard to keep everything relatively

Ah, if only the upstairs apartment would flood again.

Most of my clothes are washed and folded. Damn, I could really just put
'em in bins for now and essentially have the packing done. The kitchen
will take a bit more, but really not much. It will be the cleaning that
will take most of the work, since I'll have to move the big appliances
out of the way.

And shuckie-darn, I'm getting' all kinda enamored with the little super
steam cleaner that I saw in one o' them there infomercials. I think I
saw 'em at Menards when I was there last, either there or Home Despot.
Hot enough steam to degrease and sterilize, which I think could be
really useful in the Big Broken Box(tm) when I'm back home.

Of course, the idea that I'm excited about cleaning products gives me

Ooh, another recruiter call. Contract, six months with renewal likely,
working on embedded controllers for mid-sized generators and power
systems. Same rate as I'm getting here, but it's in Fridley. And it's
W2, not 1099.

Hey, at least there's activity. I'm still on primary for

Walking back home and into a decent job would be a really good thing,
because taxes are going to snatch all of what I have saved, and possibly
more. If I'm lucky, I might be able to swing one last paycheck as a
buffer to transition into a new job. I can probably stretch that a
month, maybe six weeks if I'm anally frugal. And with all the work that
needs to be done on the house, a ready source of income would be much
more comfortable.

I suppose that kind of goes without saying.

Ah, well.

Cold is better. Still coughing, still snotful, just less so. And my
voice is slowly coming back. Now I only sound like a vaccuum cleaner.

Hoo-- actual work that I have to do. Later, my biotches.

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