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It's Pollen Time!

The windows in the house are wide open to let in the fine spring air. And of course, this is the time of year when all the trees are blooming, and the pollen in the air is making my head spin. I am sneezing, my nose is running, and my sinuses are swelling like a pregnant woman's feet (sorry, Wired). And the histamine is making me s-l-e-e-p-y

So I called and talked to the housing inspector. Actually calling and talking in person was much better. Essentially all that is left is for me to cut some long pieces of wood down to length, and put a sign up that says firewood. Everything else is fine. Well, except for the soffits and gutters. I still have to finish those.

Our house was originally stucco. With some nice architectural detail. It actually looked pretty nice. Unfortunately, at some point they decided to do the aluminum siding, and they cut parts of it off.
At some point in time, aluminum siding must have been cool.

The House, circa 1940's

The pictures have started a pie-in-the-sky discussion about whether we should try and restore the exterior to the original style, or whether we should make changes that may be less historic but more functional and convenient. I'm leaning toward the latter.

Tonight, I'm off to dump video. Tra-la!

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