Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Dilbertian Ethics

Mr. Y has set up a phone call with me this afternoon.

He is the lead application developer for the ProjectThatShallNotBeNamed.
Not sure exactly what the discussion will be about, but it is sure to be
interesting considering that I put together a system architecture in
about four hours based on a ten minute phone call with a non-technical

I'm feeling a little cocky.

Really, I'm very good at this kind of stuff. I know it, I've done it,
I've made it happen, I know what kind of pitfalls to expect. And I've
given this type of project a lot of thought already: it's very similar
to another project that I was designing before I came to Des Moines.

If I end up doing this gig, it is working from home with my own company.
That is pretty high on my list of desires. And it means I'd be working
on a core project that would fit something that I like to do.

It would also be big hours, take up mondo resources, and it would
eventually end, probably within six months to two years. I'd have to
deal with business details, or hire someone to handle the office
management, which would mean being able to pay them.

(time passes...)

Had the phone call. Somewhat interesting, as the lead developer is also
going to law school. Everyone else on the team is already pretty much
configured except for the device drivers... Egad, writing kernel-level
device drivers.
There is flexibility as to full-time vs. part-time, as well as salary
vs. equity.

It's an interesting position. Still caution.


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