Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

The Brain! The Brain!

15</i> days remain.

I think there is an effort happening to see who can do the dumbest thing
before I go.

The way this project is set up in the source control server, it is
actually several different projects. It was done this way for political
reasons, since the mamager of the "platform" team did not want the
"apps" team fiddling about with their files.
Unfortunately, there are some files that need to be common between the
two, and some of those files have different contents. If that sounds
really stupid, trust me, it is.
What it means is that the same folder in the source control system that
is supposed to be shared between the two projects has different files in
each of the projects.

Part of the development work that we do is on windows. As a part of the
windows build, there is a tiny icon that shows up in the upper left
corner of the application window.

The platform project had an icon that was basically the letters VT in a
box, since that is the name of their project. Well, one day over lunch,
I created a new icon for the apps group, which was basically the company
logo, as well as it could be rendered in a 16-square-pixel icon. This
was maybe six weeks ago.

Bear in mind that this is a development application that never leaves
the building
. Also that changing the icon does not affect the
operation of the software one bit.

As pretty as your new icon was, I had to force the
platform icon back over (trademark violations with that deere logo, plus
the icon files should be the same since it is one application). Sorry
about that, hope it wasn't too much trouble.

There can be no trademark violation since it is in
use by the company that owns the trademark.

That doesn't mean that employees are allowed to change
the looks of the logo and use it in their software. The logos have
strict guidelines, but let's not go into all that legal mumbo

I really don't care. I'm just irritated that somebody is using the
excuse of "trademark violation" to change the logo back. I'm not a
prima donna, I don't need excuses, just change the damn thing and be
done with it.

And really, there are a whole lot bigger problems with this project than
a logo.

Sorry, I'm just a little tweaked at being handled.

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