Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

11 days remain.

Dear Developers,

There were no submissions to this project yesterday, so after very
careful inspection of all the files, the election was made to do nothing
but tell you of this decision.

Sincerely, Build

Went to the gym yesterday. After two weeks of downtime from the damn
cold, I was at less than peak condition. I only made an hour's worth of
workout, and was shaking pretty badly after that. I suppose I'm still
not at cruising altitude-- this cold is stuck in my head now-- but I
really noticed that I was out of practice.

The bike is going home this weekend. That means I'll only have the gym
next week, so I'm hoping I can get back into the swing quickly. Either
that, or I'm going to be spending a lot of cleaning time. Which reminds
me that I need to bring the vaccuum cleaner down from home.

Feelin' the wonk the past couple of days, primarily moving stress, I
think. The whole spread-out-over-time thing is taking its toll. Missing
friends a whole lot. Lonely. Only a few more days.

I really want to say something deep here, something of significance,
some milestone into my psyche, but it's all relatively mundane stuff
about moving and cleaning and being alone. All the rest seems like
noise, like last year's music that you've heard over and over until
you're sick of it.

There's a measure of discomfort that I'm feeling that I can't quite
name, a kind of queasy feeling as if I ate too many green plums, but
it's attached to an emotional state. I can't describe it.
This usually means that something is wrong, but I don't have a handle on
it yet.

It's a dreary day. It's been raining off and on, and the sky looks
anticipatory, like it's waiting for something to happen.

Yeah, so that's kind of what anticipatory means. Bite me, O

Ever have the feeling like you know the answer to the question, you just
don't know what the question is?

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