Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Burroughs rocks.

Because we don't intend to be here when the shithouse blows.

Following shortly after the death of Paul McCartney in 2008, a new
reality TV show debuts on Fox: Helter Shelter, in which two teams
compete to build a house from scaveneged materials.

In an attempt to get back to his roots, director Uwe Boll announces
plans to shoot yet another videogame movie: Pong. "The story is
there," says Boll, "Intrigue, romance, action... It has everything".
Tara Reid is said to be cast as the ball.

Ann Coulter, while visiting Chicago in early 2007, is caught by a gust
of wind and thrown into Lake Michigan. Several days later a rescue team
is comissioned.

November 2016: Following shortly on the heels of the completion of Jeb
Bush's second term as president, a congressional order eliminates voting
entirely, declaring it a "quaint antiquity". Jenna Bush is installed as
President-for-life. In the same order, liberalism is declared as an
official mental illness.

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