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Didn't get nearly as much done tonight as I intended. That I made progress at all is something of a minor miracle considering all the obstructions, but it means I will have to pretty much decimate everything tomorrow night, and hold off packing for Friday.

I still have to sort/fold laundry, leaving enough here for work next week. I need to take the futon frame apart as well as the coffee tables. I'm sacrificing the crappy end table; I really don't need it back home, and it doesn't fit any style known to man. The Bike will have to become part way disassembled, and the TV and TV table have to go. DVDs are packed, though I'll probably keep a couple out that I can watch on the computer. Printer and CD burner are packed. Bills and paperwork are packed.

I so hope I have enough room to put all of this stuff in the 'Sploder. I may end up having to tie the futon frame to the roof.

The kitchen is the hardest. Aside from the crock pot which is presently being used to cook a pork loin, I at least got stuff washed tonight. The packing up will have to wait until tomorrow. I'm going to bed.

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