Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam


9 days remain.

Better today. The having something to look forward to when I get home is
a big motivator, even if my sphincter tightens at the thought of what
I'm supposed to accomplish.

The next movie starts shooting really damn quick after I get back, like
a week. Aside from being the DP (Director of Photography, get your mind
out of the gutter), I'm also the visual effects supervisor. Actually,
I'm the whole visual effects department since we're on a no-budget kind
of thing, but I can probably recruit others to help as needed. The
important part is that I come up with a way to shoot a couple of effects
so that they look realistic.

There are three gags that I have to come up with: two decapitations and
a sword through a chest.

If this were a "normal" shoot, there would be time to do camera tests
and experiment with different techniques, make some models, and
generally try different things to see how they would work. Unfortunately
there is no time, so I pretty much have to get it right the first time.

The easiest solution would be to actually decapitate the actors, but
since we actually want to keep them around for a while afterwards, it's
something of a challenge.

I have a plan for all three gags. There are two different actors, and I
will need to do some "body doubles" for each of them. Because of the
time contraints, I'm not gona be able to order alginate and silicone, or
do a nice lifecast; I'm basically going to have to do this with
materials that I can get in town.

It's also gonna mean that I need to have the actors come in to the
workshop... Which I don't really have quite yet, since the Big Broken
Box(tm) is still broken. And it will take a couple of hours for each of
them to do the casting.

I need to get with the costumer as well, and I think we need to put both
of these actors in wigs, since there's no way in hell I can hair a cast
head that quickly. And coordinate the makeup.

Then there are a few "supernatural" events that happen. I'd like to make
them a bit more updated than the 1960's Star Trek style effects. I have
some ideas, but I wish we had time for some tests.

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