Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Quack, quack, thud.

8 days remain.

Lame duck-ness abounds.

If you take a piece of wire and bend it back on itself so it's shaped
like a hairpin, then straighten it out, it will have a little kink in
it. If you keep bending it and straightening it in the same place, the
metal will eventually crystallize, become brittle, and break. This is
called fatigue.

Feeling very useless in the workplace. Or not useless exactly, more like
unutilized. The problems here are far beyond the scope of what I can
fix, and with just over a week left, I am resorted to handling bug fixes
and enhancements and those are so sporadic (I haven't had a bug fix for
ten days now) it's wearisome. It's a lot of sitting around and waiting
then suddenly this has to be changed like omigod RIGHT NOW.

Bend. Straighten. Bend. Straighten.

It says something that I really look forward to meetings now.

It's raining; the kind of rain that pelts as a steady wash but not a
downpour, the kind of rain that washes away the sins of the city and
makes the plants happy. I hope it manages to let up before tonight,
because it will make packing miserable. It's about 45 degrees, and
that's cold enough to make me uncomfortable.

The eternal cough is still hanging around. I suspect a mild sinus
infection at this point, though usually when I get a sinus infection all
hell breaks loose in my head. Thankfully I no longer feel the need to
suck the crap out of my head with a vaccuum cleaner, and I'm able to
breathe and talk almost normally. Considering my dead-sexy voice, that's
a big plus.

The apartment is feeling very sterile. With the futon down, there is
basically no furniture left, no warmth to the place at all.
Realistically, I could move the computer into the bedroom and live out
of a 10 x 12 box for a week. And I probably actually will do that,
because it will allow me to completely clean the carpet in the rest of
the apartment in one swell foop. It's only a week, it'll be like staying
in a hotel room with no TV and a realy comfy bed.

Another interview, different company. Face to face, Monday May 2nd. ITT
in Shakopee. Back in the saddle again.

I do wish that I had a bit of downtime, even a day. The thwarting of my
hot tubbin' plans is really a bummer; that was supposed to be a bit of
ritualism, a kind of "washing away" of the bad spirits, a cleansing if
you will. I know it sounds a little new-agey, but I do believe in
symbolism and iconography, particularly in personal ritual. I will have
to see if I can afford to do something like a day spa, if I can find one
down here that I like. It's not a hot tub, but a good massage can be a
wonderful thing.

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