Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Okay, so thinking about getting a massage since I've been unable to do
the happy hot tub thing has me being all anticipatory. The last massage
I got was from ez2beve at Omegacon, which was the first in a
long time. I'm about due, particularly with the pigs-and-corn lifestyle
that I've been living. With the workouts and the moving and the body
changes I've been having and all the stress, it's a wonder I haven't
exploded by now.

I don't get nearly enough massages. Ideally I'd get one every week, but
a more realistic schedule would be once or twice a month. I'm lucky if I
get one a year.

No fault but my own, really. I could probably schedule a massage fairly
easily, but my masseuse back at home has moved, and I don't have one
that I visit regularly. And since I've been down here, I've not really
been looking.

It's also kinda spendy. I have a hard time rationalizing $60-70 plus tip
to spend on myself for something that amounts to pampering. I know that
there are major health benefits and all that, but it feels like
an indulgence. Really, aside from everything else, it just plain feels

Y'all know that I like giving massages too. (I think I've explained why
often enough, though if you really want an explanation, let me know.)

There are a lot of different kinds of massage out there, injcluding some
types that I don't even think qualify as massage anymore (Reiki for
example). My style of choice is the classic Swedish, which is very
oriented around manipulating muscles, yet still treating the body as a
I also like to concentrate on nerve pathways and the lymphatic system,
though I don't like to do pressure points. I do tend to "read" muscle
tissue, because it behaves differently to different kinds of stress, and
that can give me real clues to how to approach the healing process.

But aside from the physical, there are emotional and spiritual elements
to a massage, and this is where I depart from a lot of massage schools.
I believe that there can be emotional healing through touch, and that
there can be spiritual elements awakened if you are open to it. Most
massage schools either downplay or outright scoff at the more esoteric

I want to do some exploration of different techniques. Learn more about
chakras and energy work, different touch techniques. Which means I will
need guinea pigs to volunteer. Not a rush or anything, I don't have a
particular timeframe in mind.

The other ideal would be to find a massage partner. Someone in the same
boat, who likes giving massages and wants to exeriment, but doesn't get
enough massages.

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