Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

My Dingaling

Lusty barmaids cloud my vision.

I just took a quick look at my engine. Something as simple as changing
spark plugs is gonna end up being a pain in the ass because of how it's
configured. It's looking like I'll have to take off the heater core
hoses to get at one side.

On a good note though, I may have found my coolant system leak. It would
make me very happy if it was actually the problem, because it's an
easily accessible and replacable hose. That is much better than a blown
cylinder head gasket. And if I have to take off heater hoses, it's a
good time to be replacing that upper radiator hose.

And it's not like I really have the tools down here to do major repairs.
All the big stuff is back home; all I have here is a core set of tools
like screwdrivers and a socket set. And I have to work outside since I
don't have a garage. It's not an ideal sitchoowayshun.

Boy, next week is gonna be dull. I at least kept out a few DVDs that I
can watch on the laptop, and I think I have two books that I'm currently
reading that can carry me through. But work is going to be mindless, and
I will have very little money for going out on the town.

Hey, anyone want to come down to Des Moines with me next week and keep
me company? Leave this Sunday, get back to Minneapolis on Saturday? No
TV, no furniture, no cooking utensils, one bed? There could be

Yah. Didn't think so.

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