Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Weekend update.

Made it into Minneapolis somewhere between 7:00 and 7:30 last night, and spent the next several hours unpacking. Unfortunately, a chunk of that time was spent rearranging stuff in the house because it's still full of clutter. The longer it took, the crankier I got.
Barb came back to the house a little after 9:00, just in time to help me bring the last two things in from the truck. I actually maintained control very well, and made it over to Jess & Colin's a little after 10:00.

Being in the company of friends helped my crankiness to abate, and a general good time was had. My favorite redhead was there, and there was some touchy-feely time, which I so sorely needed. All things considered, it was a very nice night... or early morning, as I made it home before 4:00.

Woke this morning with headache. Can you have a hangover from too much Red Bull?

Small chat with Barb. She will come down in mid-may to help with cleaning and the disinfecting of the house (think three cats and a dog being the primary residents for several months with almost no cleaning).

Reconsidering the PODS idea. Getting one of the PODS, have them drop it off in the back, put her stuff in it, have them store it. I will pay for storage through the end of her schooling, which is essentially the end of the year. Need to look into prices for that, but it's much higher on the list right now than it's been in the past, since I'm coming back to actually inhabit the house now.

Found another roof leak. Need to research building codes for roofing and additions, which I actually can do now.

Brought the vaccuum cleaner down. This one actually has a carpet attachment and is quite good at rugsucking.

Short weekend. Too short. But the last one. And on the way back to Des Moines I realized that I will never have to make that drive again. Or at least not for the same reason.

This is the final sprint for the finish.

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