Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Dimethiconic sections

Gah. I just realized that I won't be able to leave until Saturday
anyway, because I have to drop off the keys and get signed out and the
office is closed after 5:00 on Friday.

Hmm... Maybe I can arrange with them that I can leave the keys in the
drop box Friday night.

I think tonight and tomorrow I have to clean and pack. Thursday night I
am going out for my birthday; I plan on seeing Kung Fu Hustle and
maybe hitting up a strip club one last time. Friday will be the last day
of work, which I expect will be a bit light and probably involve a going
out to lunch. Assuming I can leave Friday, it will mean packing
everything up that's left (bed first unfortunately), or at least getting
all but the bed packaged for easy transfer on Saturday.
Crap, it's just gonna be easier to plan on leaving Saturday.

Back at the Big Broken Box(tm), I have a shed. It's a nice shed really;
I designed it and had considerable help building it, but it is very
solid and would make a nice guest cabin were it not for the lack of a
bathroom and windows.
I designed it to look a little like a mausoleum. The idea was it would
be perfect for Halloween as part of a haunted yard; the doors open on
the front and the back, so it's possible to route people right through
it with just enough space on either side for the dead.
Unfortunately, I ran out of time before I could finish it. All it really
has left is to cut access doors in the attic and put some sort of
exterior covering on it. The access doors are no problem, but I'm
waffling on the exterior covering. Vinyl siding would be cheap and easy,
but it would kind of take away from the whole mausoleum thing. I've
considered doing stucco, or some kind of cement product, but that would
tend to be heavy and I might want to move the shed (for instance if I
build a garage). I've thought about dyed cement with an epoxy paint
sprayed on. Nothing is really bubbling to the top as the clear winner,
though I think the vinyl siding is probably winning for the sheer
exhaustion value of the other ideas. Maybe I can find gray vinyl siding
that would look like weathered cedar.

Just finished reading the remainder of the year on my boss's
Dilbert-A-Day calendar. It's really funny, especially coming from here.

Perusing the company's intranet, I could learn Java, except that they
only do WebSphere and WSAD.

72.5 hours left.

Just out of curiosity, those people that are waiting in line in front of
Mann's Chinese Theater in Hollywood to get the StarWars Ep3 tickets...
What exactly do they do for a living? SoCal isn't exactly a cheap place
to live, although camping out on the sidewalk would probably be pretty
cheap, but you'd still have to eat and go to the bathroom... On second
thought, maybe I don't wanna know.
I really don't have a need to be ONE OF THE FIRST to see Ep3. I mean,
come on, I already know how it ends.

Movie Idea: Jurassic Pork. A scientist leads a team that uses pig
DNA to rebuild the actual dinosaurs from the DNA found in the fossil,
but instead of doing it on some deserted island, they do it in the
middle of Iowa. The porkosaurs escape and go on a rampage, and end up
eating all of the corn; they later die of boredom. Ribs are had all

Stir crazy. Stir, stir, stir, crazy, crazy, crazy. Days of this left.
Can't change the code without a change request, change request has to be
tied to an external reference, external reference comes from the bug
report. No bug, no change code. No polishing up comments in source code
without a bug report, and there won't be a bug report about comments.
Maybe I should fake a change request. Or just add to the comments
without a CR, then when the next one comes along, it will automatically
update. Nope, you have to have an open CR to check in.
fiddle, twist and piddle, calico cat has a difficult riddle: what has
one eye and runs?

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