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Busy day

In preparation for shooting days coming up in a couple of weeks, I've started repairing some of the lights and equipment that I have:

Fixed a light stand that was damaged on our last (Fright Farm) shoot.
Added a baby mount to the newly-refurbished Colortran.
Added dual purpose baby/junior mounts to the Lee Babys.
Quick fix-ups of the Lee Babys-- lube, sand, paint, silicone, glass shock absorber, replace damaged and missing screws.

Downside is I ended up spending about $50 more than I wanted to. Three new mounts at 18, 18, and 15 bucks apiece, plus some new stainless-steel screws.

Going to the location Tuesday for a preliminary lighting and shot plot, so I have to work up a shooting and lighting base plan.

And I love it. :)

I had an interesting idea for a lighting rig. If I can figure out how to actually mount it on the camera, it should be cool.

Other than that, no job prospects. I did find an incredible opening at an ad agency, but the guy that I needed to talk to was not in the office.

Sleepy now. Didn't eat well today, and I need to change that habit.
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