Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam


The Prison Release Party was originally tentatively planned for
the weekend of May 7th. As it turns out that is the day of the Wick's
15th anniversary party, oddly enough at the Bloomington Sheraton, and 15
years together trumps 14 months in Iowa. I do plan to be there.

It means that the Prison Release Party will move to a different day and
possibly a different place. I might see about Friday the 6th,
depending on people's availability. The idea of a portable hot tub
rental has been brought up, but I really hesitate to expose people to
the Big Broken Box(tm) unnecessarily, as it's still pretty much unfit
for human consumption and I don't think I can get it in shape enough by
then without a small army and some explosives. The following weekend
(13th/14th) might be better: I can probably get the punji sticks and
bear traps disarmed by then. I'll still need a small army for some of
the yard clean up, and probably for the main floor excavation as well.

If I could actually have the party at the Big Broken Box(tm), it would
be kinda neat. There are cats and a dog though, so those with allergies
might end up being a bit allergified, even with the cleaning. And it
wouldn't end up all that pretty, because there is that whole
Broken part to contend with, such as the Bathroom of Cthulhu, the
big holes in the walls and ceiling, the vast amount of *stuff* that
still needs to be organized, sorted, and tossed, the back stairs of
doom, the entirely missing front porch, etcetera.

I'm planning it as an adults-only party so as to be freely able
to experience decadence and debauchery in its full glory.

Sounds like fun, doesn't it?

Of course, to facilitate this, I will be sending out a call for help of
the physical labor kind starting sometime next week. It will involve
moving stuff, from piles of dirt being shoveled through a screen to
moving piles of bricks to running stuff through a woodchipper to boxing
up and moving stuff into the Hellmouth (i.e. basement). And perhaps some
scrubby-moppy-sweepy type cleaning for those who are hardy souls with no
allergies and strong stomachs (three cats and a dog; dust masks and
gloves will be provided).

I also might need a host or hostess to handle the basic party management
so that I might be more free to experience the decadence and debauchery
(and the hot tub).

Of course, this is all still contingent on actually having the money to
do it, but that's looking quite good right now.

Suggestions are welcome.

I'm leaning more toward Friday the 13th, starting around 7-ish. Saturday
the 14th is also an option, probably starting earlier. Any preferences?

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