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Pigsweat & Thunderpuss

Insomnia makes me sleepy. I did a pretty good number on the kitchen and the bathroom, and got the fireplace mantel disinstufferated. Lots of little things about that I will have to deal with, all kind of collected in one place now (the "MISC" box).

And I'm tired but awake. Like a duck, it is fupped.

I should invent a home plastic recycling center. All of the plastic grocery bags and milk cartons would go in it and get melted down into pellets. You could melt down the different plastics by number. Most grocery bags are Low-density polyethylene (# 4 LDPE), and it rarely gets recycled because it is so lightweight it costs more to collect it and ship it than it does to make it new. The thing is it's meltable and maintains its properties quite well.
Milk cartons, water jugs, shampoo bottles and pill bottles are usually high-density polyethylene (# 2 HDPE). The clear can be recycled into other milk & water jugs, the colored is usually recycled into plastic lumber.
Polypropylene (#5 PP) is often used in margarine containers, and other food containers. It can be recycled but often isn't because of cost and food contamination.
Polystyrene (#6 PS) is evil. In solid form, it's often used in plastic models, but as beaded foam, it is never recycled; it is cheaper to make it out of virgin oil. The only thing I can think of is burning it for fuel, because it is basically petroleum in another form, but it needs to be carefully burned or it gives off noxious gases.

Some others:
#1 PET (Polyethylene terephthalate): soda bottles. Can be recycled into plastic fibers for insulation and carpeting, but food contamination is a problem.

#3 V (Vinyl, PVC) can be recycled.

#7 OTHER: mixed resins, can't be recycled. A lot of plastic lids and chinese import plastic.

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