Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Troll booth

Horror, suspense, science fiction...

So yeah, more movie stuff on the brain.

I loved the X-Files when it used to be on. I thought it was an amazingly
well-done show, both from a stylistic as well as a storytelling
perspective. It suffered a bit from a self-parodying kind of confusion
toward the end, but in its heyday I was an avid follower. Pick any
episode that was written by Chris Carter and directed by Rob Bowman and
you have the cream of the crop.

Buffy was much the same. As was Angel, at least early on. And Firefly is
an amazing show that you need to see if you are in the same bucket as me
(and see it before Serenity comes out this fall).

Part of the success of these shows comes from a similar set of
storytelling concepts; both Joss Whedon and Chris Carter did their
episodes like movies, using the same kind of language and shots and plot
developments that a feature film would use. While it made for a hectic
shooting schedule, the results speak for themselves.

To be fair, they also had large teams of dedicated people and large
budgets. The craft services budget for one episode is probably more than
the biggest budget I can reasonably expect to come up with for an entire
film. And I can most likely come up with a small team of
dedicated people.

On the good side, I have a great many talented friends who are actors,
musicians, artists, costumers, puppeteers and the like. Creative folks.
And I really want to be in a position to give them exposure to a wider
audience because I really want to see my friends succeed. Hell, I want
to see myself succeed as well, but I do count helping friends fulfill
their dreams as success.
I also have a lot of equipment and technical expertise.

On the bad side, I don't have a studio space that's really big enough to
use for any kind of standing set. I have the upstairs studio, but it is
very small and cramped and difficult to use for much. It has somewhat
successfully been used as several offices, but it really limits what can
be shot.
I have the Big Broken Box(tm), which in being renovated has some
potential, but pretty much just as a house. I could most likely get the
use of someone else's garage or house for small bits of time, and I
might be able to pull in favors for things like a hearse or police
vehicles. There are some wooded areas nearby that would work nicely for
some guerilla nighttime shooting.

Now all I really need is a story.

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