Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

My Pal Foot Foot

Well, I have an appointment for a massage tonight at 7:00. Yumsters!

That means I have time to go home and change clothes, log on and read
e-mail, get caught up on LJ entries, and generally relax. Unfortunately
the next possible showing of Kung Fu Hustle isn't until 9:15, and the
last one is at 10:10. I suppose I could do a late dinner in between
there, or maybe hit the strip club, or... Well, that's about it
actually. I suppose I'll see how I feel after the massage. I don't
really like mixing the strip club so closely after a massage anyway
because they're such completely different mindsets. At least for me.

Sucks being alone down here. I'd really rather just hang out with
friends tonight. Ah well, there will be other times for hanging out.

I miss my pooch. I'll get to spend time with her again in just a couple
of days.

Talked to saveau last night. He mentioned that rather than
trying so hard to get the Big Broken Box(tm) in shape for the party by
the 13th, it would be easier to delay the party by a month. I really
don't want to delay that long, partly because it's a cleansing thing for
me and I don't want to carry the burden an extra month, and partly
because a certain redhead will be in France then, and having decadence
and debauchery without her would just be wrong.


Decadence. Debauchery. Des Moines.

One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just
doesn't belong...

Love me, for I am off to pamper myself.

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