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Back from my gallivanting.

After the massage, I headed over to the Jordan Creek theater about 8:50 and got a ticket for the 9:15 showing of KFH. Since I had a bit of time to kill, I hit the food court. Which was unfortunately closing. The only place remaining open was a pizza place (Valley Pizza) and they were closing up shop. I asked for a slice of pepperoni, and the manager said "hey, I'll give you an entire pizza for six bucks". Who am I to argue? And the garlic parmesan croissants looked delish, so I asked for two... he said "another buck and you can have 'em all". Which was something like 14. Happy birthday indeed.

Kung Fu Hustle in the theater. I was the only one in the audience. That is a really strange movie to watch alone, and entirely different than what I was expecting. Very chinese.

Fini a little after 11:00.
Time and space made a warp of a little over an hour in which I either did something that I haven't had the chance to do in a year and a half, or I didn't. And it either is like riding a bicycle or it isn't. And I'm either lying or I'm not, or it really doesn't matter.

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